Prof. Chris P. Tsokos, Ph.D.


    Dr. Tsokos is Distinguished University Professor of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of South Florida. He obtained his undergraduate degree in Engineering Sciences and his Master of Science in Mathematics from the University of Rhode Island and his Doctoral Degree in Probability and Statistics form the University of Connecticut. Dr. Tsokos is the author of more than 300 publications in academic journals. He has writtne 15 textbooks and research monographs and more than 40 technical publications. He served as Doctoral Advisor for more than 40 students from twelve different countries. He has served and is currently serving in more than 12 academic international journals. Dr. Tsokos has lectured in several countries with extensive invited lecture tours in the P.R. of China, Turkey, the Russian Academy of Science, and India among others. He has been an advisor and consultant for NASA, NSF, NIH, ONR, US Air Force, US Army, EPA, ACS, as well as several Fortune 500 companies. He is a member of several professional societies, which include a Fellow of the American Statistical Association and the International Statistical Institute, among others. He is the recipient of several distinguished honors and awards for his professional, educational and humanitarian accomplishments.


    Pubudu Kalpani Kaluarachchi, M.A.


    Mrs Pubudu Kaluarachchi is a doctoral candidate in statistics at the University of South Florida. Ms. Kaluarachchi received a Bachelor's degree in Mathematics from the University of Colombo and a Master's degree in Mathematics from Georgia Southern University. Ms. Kaluarachchi is a respected expert in cybersecurity and health analytics and has previously served as a faculty member at Georgia Southern University.

Treasurer / Vice President of Finances

    Michael Kotarinos, M.A.


    Michael Kotarinos is a graduate student in the Department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of South Florida. Prior to joining USF, Mr. Kotarinos received a Master's degree in Statistics from the University of Florida and bachelor's degrees in business economics and statistics from USF. His work focuses on valuation methods for diverse asset classes, arbitrage theory and machine learning algortihms.
    Mr. Kotarinos coordinates financial activities for IFNA and oversees the allocation and diversification of IFNA's assets and resources. His diverse background has proved fundamental in coordinating financing and operating activities across the globe in diverse countries.

Vice President of Educational Innovations

    Prof. Rebecca Wooten, Ph.D.


    Dr. Wooten is president of The Pedagogue, a Private Educational and Research Company that serves the public needs. She reived her Bachelors and Masters Degree in Mathematics and Doctoral Degree in Statistics from the University of South Florida. She has taught both graduate and undergraduate courses at USF during the past several years. Dr. Wooten is an interdisciplinary scientist in developing methematical and statistical models for GLOBAL WARMING, hurricanes, health sciences, volcanic studies and ecological processes, among others. She has an extensive list of publications in her area of research interests. Dr. Wooten is a popular lecturer and has made several research presentations. Her philanthropic services in mathematical sciences extend to her being a tutor and academic advisor at the award winning Urban Scholars Outreach Program at USF for underprivileged students. She is also a co-founder of the educational Dr. A.N.V. Rao Gurukulam Program. She is a member of several professional societies and the author of several techinal publications that promote quality undergraduate teaching in mathematical sciences.

Vice President of International Affairs

    Abolfazl Saghafi, Ph.D.


    Dr. Abolfazl Saghafi is a doctoral candidate at the University of South Florida and a distinguished expert on entropy measures for Weibull parameters and k order Poisson models. Prior to joining USF, Dr. Saghafi earned his doctoral degree in Iran and was on faculty in the Iranian university system teaching undergraduate mathematics and statistics courses for five years.
    Dr. Saghafi's current work expands his previous methods to machine learning algorithms and high dimensional data. Dr. Saghafi's experience working across the globe on diverse problems serves as the foundation for his many duties coordinating IFNA's global efforts.

Vice President of Information Technologies

    Doo Young Kim, M.A.


    Doo Young Kim is a doctoral degree candidate in Statistics at the department of Mathematics and Statistics at the University of South Florida. His doctoral research is in statistical analysis and modeling of environmental and health problems. Mr. Kim셲 doctoral research is under the supervision of Prof. Chris P. Tsokos. He received his B.A. in Business Administration from the Kyungwon University in South Korea, and his M.A. in Statistics from the Ball State University, Indiana. He has been teaching high school Mathematics for 15 years before coming to the United States and he received graduate teaching award of Mathematical Sciences at the Ball State University with his M.A. degree.
    He is currently teaching courses in statistical computing and probability as a graduate teaching associate. Mr. Kim has presented several papers at professional meetings and has submitted some of his results on the subjects of his interest.

Vice President of IFNA Journals and Publications

    Bong-Jin Choi, Ph.D.


    Dr. Choi is a research associate and ICISS big data manager on Lineberger Comprehensive Cancer Center at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. He obtained his bachelor degree in computer science from the Kyungnam University. He worked in industry on hardware and software scientist, and served the executive committee member of OS/2 user group in South Korea. He obtained his Doctoral Degree and Master degree in Statistics from University of South Florida. His research interests are in health sciences, pharmaceutical statistics, big data, health data linkage, and developing nonlinear statistical algorithm. He is the recipient of academic awards and scholarship.

    IFNA Academic Program Committee

      Taysseer Sharaf, Ph.D.


      Assistant Professor of Statistics at the Slippery Rock University

      Ram C. Kafle, Ph.D.


      Assistant Professor of Statistics at the Sam Houston State University

      Netra Khanal, Ph.D.


      Associate Professor of Mathematics at the University of Tampa